How to get the most out of your MediaHQ system

14.03.19 mediahq lists

Using MediaHQ should make your press and communications efforts a lot more simple. To optimise your account and ensure you are having the best possible experience of MediaHQ we recommend following the tips outlined below:



If you are experiencing difficulties accessing MediaHQ or specific features here are some things to note:

  • Internet Explorer is no longer securely supported by Microsoft and as a result MediaHQ will not operate correctly on it.
  • For the best experience with MediaHQ we recommend using the latest version of Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Microsoft Edge or Safari.

*Top Tip* Make sure your browser has been updated to the latest version.

Mediahq browsers



  • After transferring a MediaHQ list over to your lists from Lists Hub or creating your own list, the contacts on it become static.
  • This means that any update (eg. change of email address or job) applied to a contact on MediaHQ, will not automatically appear on that contact in your lists.
  • To make sure your lists are up to date keep an eye on the MediaHQ Newsfeed for any contact changes and add relevant ones to your lists.
  • We cannot guarantee that out of date lists will be GDPR compliant so to keep yourself in the clear, use the built in traffic light system:

Green: Your list is new/recently updated.

Amber: Your list hasn’t been updated in 3-6 months.

Grey: Your list hasn’t been updated in 6+ months.

If you have slipped into amber or grey on any list, go through your contacts and make any necessary updates before using it again.

NB: Lists that are left without updating have a higher chance of bouncing or being GDPR non-compliant.

mediahq lists


Own Contacts

If you have added any of your own contacts to the system double check their email addresses are valid and spelled correctly. We have no control over any bounces which happen in your own contacts.



Scheduling press releases is an excellent way to keep on top of your communications goals. All scheduled press releases can be viewed in the News Diary alongside upcoming events.

*Top Tip* When scheduling a press release make sure to press the schedule button again after choosing the time and date. This confirms any changes and saves your press release, otherwise it will not be sent.

mediahq schedule

Above are some brief tips we hope will help make your MediaHQ account run like a well oiled machine. If you’re having any difficulties with the system feel free to get in touch via email: [email protected] or via phone: (01) 473 2050 and one of our team members will be happy to help.