Mediahq.com shares its 90,000th story

By MediaHQ

MediaHQ - 90,000On Friday 12th June at 15.45, Mediahq.com hit the milestone of 90,000 stories shared.

We started publishing the Irish Media Contacts Directory book in November 2006. After a year, it was obvious to us that a book was not the right tool for keeping an audience up to date on the many daily and weekly changes in personnel in the Irish media. It was then we hatched a plan to build the largest ever information platform to keep people up to date with the media in Ireland. The vision was to create a tool that would allow you to research, write press releases and share them with the right journalists in one place.

It took 14 long months to create the first version of Mediahq.com. Since the first press release was sent to journalists from the site by Paddy Power in February 2008, we have grown to being used by over 450 organisations and brands on a daily basis. Our users include organisations like the Irish Rail, Trocaire, Bank of Ireland, Dublin Airport Authority, The University of Limerick, and the National University of Ireland, Galway to name just a few.

In 2010 we added social news releases to the service. It allows users to publish news stories and press releases on Mediahq.com, and our social media team will work to get your attention through social media.

We’re very proud that we launched Mediahq.com during the biggest recession in history and have managed to grow every year since, while transforming the business from a traditional publish model into a digital business.

If you’d like a demo call us on (01) 254 1845 or email [email protected].

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