MediaHQ.com make big announcement

By Jack Murray

This year we enter our 10th in business, and MediaHQ.com, our flagship product, is six-years-old. We have a lot to celebrate.

Today we have a big announcement to make, but first I think it’s important to set the scene with some history.

Mediacontact.ie was founded in November 2006 to take over the publishing of the Irish Media Contacts print directory. With the release of MediaHQ.com in 2009, we began our journey to becoming, a software company. Just a year later the revenue from MediaHQ.com surpassed that from the sale of books; the transition was complete.

Since then we’ve launched our training and events business (2008), the Media Future Conference (2010), and Galzac’s Guide to Expert sources (2012).

Last year we ventured into new territory with the Mediaflash podcast in 2014, and we’ve also published thousands of blog posts on the company web page.

Over nine years on, we’re proud of the work we’ve done and the business we’ve built. And business has never been better.

MediaHQ.com is our best idea ever. As an online resource it has transformed how people connect and communicate with Irish journalists. From a standing start in 2009 we now have thousands of users and have also helped the country’s best-known organisations and brands share 100,000 stories with the media.

So here is our announcement. From today on we will be known as MediaHQ.com.

After a thorough review of everything we do, we’ve decided to make this change and to bring a new focus to what we’re really great at – providing world-class media intelligence to communicators.

So why the change? We believe our new identity will help us build even better media intelligence products, build new relationships and grow our reach internationally.

We are very keen not to forget what has made MediaHQ.com so popular in the first place. It’s simple and reliable, it’s fast, it’s easy to use. It also saves people hundreds of the grunt hours that they were putting into media research and building lists.

We love being a small company and all of our 15-strong team from sales, customer service, research and content will focus on MediaHQ.com.

With this change, we renew our commitment to the great work we do every day. Each one of us will be dedicated to improving MediaHQ.com, extending MediaHQ.com’s reach, expanding its research and capabilities, organising even better training events, and making sure our customers are treated like royalty.

In the coming months we have exciting plans to develop the service by releasing even more focused and easy to access media intelligence. We will be launching new training courses and we will also be releasing the 2016 edition of Galzac’s Guide to Expert Sources.

Thank you from all of us at MediaHQ.com.





Jack Murray

CEO at MediaHQ

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