Media Queries – MediaHQ launches a new software tool

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By Jack Murray

MediaHQ launches a new software tool that allows in-house PR teams to log, search and create a library of journalist queries. 

Today, MediaHQ – the media contacts and press release distribution software – launched a new feature that will allow busy in-house PR and communications teams to build a searchable library of all of the journalist queries they receive on a daily basis. 

The software feature – simply called Media Queries, allows in-house teams to log journalist questions when they occur, assign them to team members for answering, log the answer, tag it to make search easier and present it to the journalist. 

Speaking today MediaHQ CEO Jack Murray said; “Juggling many journalist queries at the same time is both time consuming and complicated. Oftentimes requests are lost, misfiled or only served up once when they could be used again. This tool will take the pain out of managing a busy press office and give PR people back time to do more valuable work.” 

The Media Queries feature is just one of a range of tools available from the rapidly growing MediaHQ business which has doubled in size over the last three years and now serves many hundreds of press offices, PR agencies and PR practitioners in both the UK and Ireland. 

Designed for PR and communications teams, MediaHQ is the all-in-one media contacts database and press release distribution software with the mission to connect your story with your audience. It was founded by entrepreneur Jack Murray in 2009. 

Our cutting edge software is the best, fastest and most accurate way to find the right journalists, build media and pitch lists in seconds, send press releases and get results. 

The comprehensive MediaHQ database lists the details of every journalist, and media outlet in the UK and Ireland and is full of time saving features that take the grunt work out of PR. It guarantees up to 97% accuracy on every send.



Jack Murray

CEO at MediaHQ

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