Media In Focus: The Justice Gap

By Mary Mtabali

What is it in a sentence?

An award-winning online magazine that shines the light on those parts of the law and justice system that don’t often see the light of day in the mainstream UK media – like social injustice stories, criminal and family issues. 

How will this benefit me as a PR PRO?

For those concerned with the law and justice – as well as the difference between the two – The Justice Gap is increasingly essential as the magazine digs for cases that have been treated unjustly in the name of abiding by the law and make sure that these are highlighted based on equality of rights, fairness and morality.

The online magazine is interested in the broad sweep of the law: human rights, the criminal justice system, family, employment through to consumer issues. In other words, all aspects of the law that relate to the public’s day-to-day life.

The Justice Gap is part of The Guardian Legal Network which brings together the best blogs and sites that cover legal affairs and developments from around the world. The network connects sites that provide high-quality news, comment, analysis, blogs and multimedia so you’re assured your story will land in an acclaimed platform. 

The magazine won the legal journalism category at the inaugural Halsbury Legal Awards in 2013. The awards were set up as a celebration of excellence in the law and great contribution to the legal sector.

Who is behind it?

The online magazine was founded by award-winning freelance journalist, Jon Robins in 2011. Robins has written about the law and justice for the national papers and specialist press for 15 years. He has also written a lot of books including Guilty Until Proven Innocent and The First Miscarriage of Justice

Robins has the flair for unearthing those important law and justice stories that are usually swept under the carpet. His notion is all about bridging the gap between the increasing section of the public too poor to afford a lawyer and not poor enough to qualify for legal aid. 

He has won the Bar Council’s legal reporter of the year twice (2015 and 2005).

What type of stories will I read there?

‘Innocent, jailed and uncompensated: these are the men our system fails.’

‘Number of convicted criminals being sent straight to prison hits all-time low.’

‘It didn’t just change things for the black community, it changed things for everyone.’

‘Justice gap: the towns where there’s no access to free legal advice.’


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Mary Mtabali

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