Media In Focus: PinkNews


What is it in a sentence?

PinkNews is a UK-based online newspaper marketed to the lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender community.

How will this benefit me as a PR pro?

PinkNews is not just about LGBT+ people. The content is aimed at LGBT+ people, but the users are not necessarily. It closely follows political progress on LGBT+ rights around the world and carries interviews with politicians and cultural figures. It also covers entertainment, finance, religion, business and community news for the LGBT+ community in the UK, Europe, the US and worldwide. It mixes high-quality design with a fast pace and a good balance of stories.

As a PR person understanding your audience is a vital skill. PinkNews is a fantastic resource for getting to know and understand the issues that are affecting LGBT+ people.

What is its audience like?

A typical PinkNews reader is an urban millennial and part of the LGBT+ community. While the majority of its audience is based in Europe, the US and Australia, they have a smaller–but equally loyal–readership in Africa and Asia.

What’s PinkNews’ backstory?

PinkNews is headquartered in London and was founded by freelance journalist Benjamin Cohen in 2005 after he was unable to get a business story he was touting about the ‘pink pound’ published. Growing frustrated, Cohen put the article on the web and the site was born. He realised that there was a need for a high-quality, broadsheet level journalism about the LGBT+ community. PinkNews quickly built up a large, loyal readership and after taking on a modest private investment it rapidly began to increase its influence.

A British web developer, entrepreneur and journalist, Cohen firstly became known for his dotcom enterprises as a teenager and his dispute with Apple Computer over the iTunes domain.

In 2006, aged 23 years, he was appointed as a technology correspondent for Channel 4 News in the UK–making him the youngest correspondent to have been appointed in the programme’s history. During his stint with the broadcaster, he produced a variety of original investigations including an award-winning exposé of security flaws in contactless credit card use.

Has PinkNews ever broken any new ground?

In 2014, PinkNews became one of the few LGBT+ publications to have interviewed a sitting Archbishop of Canterbury, when Justin Welby discussed the Church of England’s approach to homosexuality.

It also runs the PinkNews Awards, which launched in 2013 and take place in Westminster annually. The PinkNews Awards, which are voted on by the public alongside a panel of judges, honour the work of LGBT+ activists in the field as well as political speakers and businesses. Previous high-profile PinkNews Awards winners include Nick Clegg, Richard Branson, Ed Miliband, Alex Salmond and David Cameron.

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