Media In Focus: Noteworthy


What is it in a sentence?

Noteworthy is a communication driven investigative journalism section of

What’s it about?

Noteworthy was launched in April 2019 as a project of the The platform is a new model for funded journalism. Noteworthy crowdfunds and reports on stories suggested by people around Ireland which deserve to be told and which would otherwise go unreported. Noteworthy also facilitates a wide range of ways to produce investigative journalism, such as supporting video, and data journalism projects.

The initiative aims to address the challenges news organisations face in resourcing investigative journalism. A recent piece by Noteworthy explores Irish tax rates and what it means for multinational executives who do not qualify for special tax rates.

Why is Noteworthy important to PR pros?

Noteworthy is a community-driven publication which strives to work with the public to cover stories that might otherwise go unreported. As a PR pro, it is important to be aware of public interest. Noteworthy takes both suggestions and funding from the public in order to provide quality journalism in the public interest. Though the publication may be impervious to your PR pitch, it is a worthy source to guide your view on key interests of the public.

Who’s behind it?

Noteworthy was created as an investigative journalism project of the Editor Ken Foxe brings years of experience to Noteworthy, as he spent two years working on RTE’s Investigations Unit.

Foxe is also the Director of ‘Right To Know’, a not-for-profit set up to work for transparency in Ireland and to push the boundaries of what can be achieved using Freedom of Information legislation. Ken brings invaluable experience to Noteworthy which has provided quality reporting.

What type of stories will I read there?

Noteworthy covers stories of public interest, from the lobbying industry to the direct provision system. The publication is interested in beginning a major investigation into the poor working conditions for researchers and lecturers starting off in academia. Some of the titles published by Noteworthy include:

Grade inflation is soaring: Are degrees losing all meaning?

A licence to print money’: The ‘wild west’ of Ireland’s rampant slot machine industry.

Rotunda hospital chief warns of ‘intolerable safety crisis’ for premature babies.

Meningitis C vaccination rates of ‘critical concern’ as anti-vax sentiment pushes take-up rates below targets.

Nobody seems to care’: Why some children face years of waiting for early intervention.

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