Media In Focus: Evolve Politics


What is it in a sentence?

A left-wing, independent news website which exposes injustice or inequality in UK politics. 

Why do I need to know it?

Evolve Politics is completely independent of any media corporation, who provide honest, unfiltered news stories about their favoured party, the Labour Party, and other parties like the Conservatives. It is also a safer news option as joined the state-approved regulator IMPRESS, which follows all the recommendations of the Leveson Inquiry. 


Given the result in last week’s General Election, you will want to have this website on your radar. Evolve Politics are highly supportive of Jeremy Corbyn, and has been described by the former Newsnight editor as “one of a clutch of pro-Corbyn websites which claimed to have their finger closer to the national pulse than traditional media”.


The next few months will be full of uncertainty in the UK as the Conservative Government push towards the Brexit deadline once again. On their homepage, Evolve Politics have a drop down menu of “politics”, which provides news on every aspect of the UK Government, from defence, health, environment, housing and the rest. It will provide real news from the House of Commons on the goings on of the Conservative Government. 


For an independent publication, their reach is something to admire. Back in 2017 during the general election, Evolve reached a peak of almost 2 million monthly views while their Facebook content had a reach of more than 20 million.


Who’s behind it?

Their staff system is untraditional for a UK publication. It consists of senior editor Jessica Miller and editor-in-chief Tom Rogers, and much of their content is reliant on contributors who are paid based on the amount of clicks their article receives, on top of a Real Living Wage. Their funding comes from monthly subscriptions, advertising deals and donations. 


In the past, their staff have been involved in politics at a higher level than journalism. Their former senior editor Matt Turner was the first pro-Corbyn journalist to join the parliamentary lobby in Westminster in 2018. 


What type of stories will I read there?

“BBC’s Laura Kuenssberg accused of breaking electoral law after revealing confidential postal vote information”


“Rachel Riley slammed after erasing Anti-Apartheid message to label Jeremy Corbyn a racist”


“The Times claims Corbyn voted against Falklands War despite Corbyn not being an MP”