Media In Focus: BusinessGreen


What is it in a sentence?

A much-needed publication reporting on green business, policy, auto-motive, infrastructure and technology so you know exactly what work is being done to tackle climate change.


How will this benefit me as a PR PRO?

Global Warming and the urgency to “Go Green” is dominating the news, especially with the catastrophic bushfires in Australia at the moment. Fifteen countries have made a parliamentary declaration of a climate emergency, followed by the European Union on November 28, 2019. A declaration is all well and good – but what are big business and governments doing to help tackle the climate crisis?


Every business today is shaped on sustainability and environmental issues – whether you’re aware of it or not. Whether or not you choose to believe in the science behind climate change or are even interested in it, the customers and clients of your business do and are becoming increasingly aware of the threat global warming poses on the human race. It is vital for everyone to be up to date with climate action policy, green business etc. provides updates on the green industry to the general public, from how Vogue Italia and Burger King are changing their brands to make them the greener choice, to how the government, both UK and foreign, are prioritising the environment. They cover stories on the basis that green economy is the “most exciting, most innovative, and most important sector in the UK today”.


Who’s behind it?

James Murray is the editor-in-chief of BusinessGreen and launched the site in October 2007. James is one of the UK’s leading commentators on the low carbon economy. He often writes for publications like The Guardian and occasionally reports for the BBC. In 2011, James was voted eighth in the Press Gazette’s list of Top 50 Environmental Journalists in the UK.

The publication’s deputy editor is Madeleine Cuff, who is responsible for daily news, features and analysis articles. Her particular interests lie in sustainability within the food and fashion industries. She was named Business Sustainability Journalist 2018 at the Press Gazette Specialist Media Awards.


Michael Holder is a senior reporter for He is interested in politics, clean tech innovation and the transition away from fossil fuels. 


What type of stories will I read there?

Chancellor promises to ‘prioritise’ environment in March Budget

Burger King launches new plant-based Whopper…but it’s not for vegans

Tokyo 2020: How the Olympic Games aims to raise the bar for sustainability

Zero emission cars enjoy record year of sales

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