Media in Focus: Be Kind

By Ciara Byrne

What is it in a sentence?

Be Kind is a magazine that focuses on everyday sustainability with the aim to make the world a better place.

How will this benefit me as a PR pro?

As a PR professional, it is essential to have knowledge of a wide variety of publications as a pitch could be particularly suitable for a niche market. Be Kind is a magazine that focuses on sustainability through creativity and has established a community through its work. The aim of this magazine is to make the world a better and more sustainable place. A movement which is more important now than ever as climate change is having an ever-growing impact on the world.

The aim of the publication is to help readers create a better life for themselves and the world around them, to live and buy with purpose and to raise awareness of environmental issues and offer solutions. A subscription to the magazine directly helps those in extreme poverty. Be Kind works directly with people in impoverished villages and hires them to plant trees, providing income and directly helping the environment, combating the effects of deforestation.

The publication does not only focus on sustainability. It goes beyond this theme and provides articles on ways to live fully, including ways to feel more connected to others, self-care and how to deal with stress and natural remedies and recipes to help you feel your best.

Who’s behind it?

Be Kind magazine was launched in January 2019 by the team behind Vegan Life Magazine. From its conception, the team behind Be Kind were determined to make a change in the world, so they vowed to plant 12 trees for every yearly subscription.

Currently they work with farmers whose livelihoods have been destroyed by deforestation and employ them to plant trees, helping the environment and impoverished communities at the same time. They work with communities in Madagascar, Haiti, Indonesia and Mozambique.

The Be Kind and Vegan Life offices are as sustainable as it comes, powered by ecotricity, lit by low energy LED panels and boasting a staff of which 60% are vegan. The publication is run by those who have a deep rooted passion for sustainability and making a difference to the environment in small ways.

What type of stories will I read there?

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Ciara Byrne

Digital Content Executive at MediaHQ

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