Media In Focus: Angling Times


What is it in a sentence?

Angling Times is the number one weekly magazine for all anglers, featuring exclusive carp, match, tackle and news pages.


How will this benefit me as a PR PRO?

As a PR professional, it is essential to engage in a variety of publications in a bid to reach a wider audience. Angling Times has a dedicated audience and is the number one magazine for keen fishermen, released every Tuesday. Angling Times contains advice from nationally known names in the sport and hosts advice for the best fishing venues in the UK. Angling Times is the longest-running specialist consumer publication in the UK, founded in 1953. In June 2016, Angling Times had a circulation of 25,878.


In the wake of Brexit, and in relation to the surge of sustainability content, Angling Times provides support for local produce and independent trade. Angling Times has a section titled ‘Fishing Near Me’ which encourages fishermen to take to their local fishing spots.


Who’s behind it?

Angling Times is owned by Bauer Media and was created in 1953, published as a newspaper from its conception right up until 2016. In 2016, Angling Times aimed to catch more readers by switching from a newspaper to a glossy magazine, talking to readers in order to provide a publication that they wanted to read.

Ian Jones – News Editor at Angling Times

After 67 years of Angling Times, Bauer Media have had time to learn how the audience responds to different layouts. The publication has become a trusted source for those interested in angling and continues to provide quality content with tips from experts and the highest-reviewed equipment. Trust and audience engagement is essential in the maintenance of a loyal audience and Angling Times have paved the way for long-standing audience satisfaction.


What type of stories will I read there?

Angling Times brings the latest updates on the best poles, rods and reels, as well as tackle reviews in video form.


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