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MediaHQ is the one-stop PR software for communications teams. MediaHQ allows you to build relevant, verified and GDPR compliant media lists in seconds. Enter your search term and in 30 seconds you have a verified list of high quality media contacts. Add, edit and resend with ease. This week we look at Zion Lights.


What’s her beat?

Zion Lights is an environmental activist, writer and journalist. Zion has given TEDx Talks, published a nonfiction book ‘The Ultimate Guide to Green Parenting’ and is a spokesperson for Extinction Rebellion UK. Zion has a focus on ethical parenting and climate change and was dubbed ‘Britain’s Greenest Mother’ by The Telegraph in 2015. Zion is currently Editor of the Extinction Rebellion newspaper The Hourglass which launched in September of 2019 and has spoken frequently on both radio and television about climate change and its impact on the world.


Describe her in a sentence

An activist who uses her platform to promote green living and parenting in an accessible way.


Pitch or avoid?

You can absolutely pitch to Zion. Make sure to tune up your pitch before beginning your press release distribution strategy.


Zion’s contact details (along with 60,000 other journalists) are on her full profile with MediaHQ. Try a demo here, or email Gaye Gleeson on [email protected].


Why do I need to know her?

Zion has been at the forefront of the Extinction Rebellion movement since it began and has dedicated her career to spreading awareness about green living. She was Co-Editor of Juno magazine for seven years which explores ‘a natural and mindful approach to family life’, while also writing for the Huffington Post. In 2019, Zion left her position at Juno magazine to dedicate herself fully to the Extinction Rebellion.


Zion has published a collection of poetry, and has had her work featured in many poetry collections relating to climate activism. She also did a TEDx Talk in 2018 on the power of astronomy titled ‘Don’t forget to look up’. Zion is a journalist who has dedicated her career to a cause and who has a lot of knowledge when it comes to environmentalism and many other topics.


It is essential in the current climate to be aware of the impact of climate change and the way in which it is and will in the future affect the planet in many negative ways. Zion makes environmentalism accessible and encourages green parenting through factual and straightforward writing.


What’s her backstory?

Zion appeared on Junior Mastermind at age 12, and at the same age, had her first poem published in an anthology. Zion studied initially at the University of Reading from where she graduated in 2005, and more recently completed a Master’s degree in Science Communication from the University of West England in 2019.


From there, Zion has used her knowledge to communicate the facts of climate change in an easy to understand way through her appearances on radio and television and through her writing for the Huffington Post, Juno magazine and now The Hourglass magazine.


Zion is now a spokesperson for Extinction Rebellion and speaks frequently on panels as a media expert on the topic and the movement. She is also valuable to have in your media contacts database.


Let’s see her in action:

Don’t forget to look up | Zion Lights TEDx talk

Robin Alfred of ‘Leading in a Climate Change World’ interviews Zion Lights | Extinction Rebellion

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