How to make your press release dance to the media’s drum

By Rachel Carey

Here at MediaHQ we see hundreds of press releases pass through our system each week. Some get picked up by the media in seconds and others unfortunately get forgotten about in inboxes.

So what is it that makes journalists choose one press release over another? Keeping journalists happy and interested in your story is a talent and one that any PR pro can learn.
To help we’re giving you three top tips we’ve learned that will have your press release dancing to the media’s drum.

Make sure it’s newsworthy

When writing a press release we all think ours is the best. But the real question you need to ask yourself is, is it newsworthy?
You need to have something new and important to say. You can’t be pushing your product or service simply because you need to make a sale quota.
Journalists will only be happy to look at your story once you have a news hook.
Some ways to do this could be to ask yourself why would people be interested in this product/service/business now? What’s new or different? What’s happened to make it newsworthy?
Once you’ve answered these questions you’re on your way to creating a press release the media will love.

Have a great headline

media drum 2

This sounds simple, but truth be told it’s anything but.

Your headline is everything. It is the first thing the journalist will read and the thing that will decide if they want to use your story or not
To make sure you’re ticking the journalists boxes when it comes to your headline you need to make it stand out. In one sentence you need to capture your story and make it jump out of the journalists inbox and grab their attention.
One sure fire way of doing this is to use some attention grabbing word. Studies have found words such as “new”, “revealed”, “study”, “first” and “worst” are ones that stand out to journalists the most.
Ensuring one of these is present in your headline will have the media happy dancing to your press release.

Make it as easy for the journalist as possible

Journalists are busy people. On average a journalist can write up to eight stories a day, that’s one every hour!
Due to their hectic schedules it’s up to you to make their lives as easy as possible if you want to get your press release picked up and keep the journalist onside.
One way to do this is to write your press release so it resembles an article you’d find in the media. Make your release as close to media standard as possible, including all the information and quotes a journalist might need.
The more a journalist can copy and paste your piece into their story the happier they’ll be.
MediaHQ is the right place to perfect your press release and make sure it’s media ready. If you’d like to learn more about how we can help, click here to sign up for a demo.



Rachel Carey

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