How do you make the news? Marie Keating Foundation Case Study

31.10.18 Marie Keating Foundation

If one of the most touched and photographed breasts in the world suddenly developed a lump, would anyone notice?

Here at MediaHQ, we see over 100 individual stories being sent out every day.  These come from government organisations, PR agencies, charities and in-house PR teams.  Due to the sheer volume, sometimes it’s easy to get lost in the headlines and not take too much notice of the details of a press release.

However, this is not one of those stories.

On the 25 of October, as part of Breast Cancer Awareness Month, the Marie Keating Foundation released their latest campaign, #TakeNotice. This campaign has deservedly seen great media coverage, and we examine how the Marie Keating Foundation has achieved this:

1 Working with the familiar

For both locals and tourists, the Molly Malone statue has become one of Ireland’s most recognisable and Instagram-ed monuments, with hundreds of tourists stopping for photos daily. The statue has been being touched so much that the featured bronze hue has begun to wear off on the bosom.

Working with ROTHCO | Accenture Interactive, the Marie Keating Foundation leveraged an iconic monument to kick off a national and international discussion about cancer and breast health.

The press release states “…if a lump on the most famous and watched pair of breasts in Ireland can go without detection, women have to be extra vigilant and thorough with their breast examinations.”


2 Evoking emotions through storytelling

The press release tells a story. It highlights the reasoning behind the campaign, the cleverness of the subtle change of the monument as well as outlining the importance of #TakeNotice. By evoking emotions in the journalist receiving the press release, you’re guaranteed this will transfer to the potential audience of the media organisation.

3 Excellent quotes

Many people treat press release quotes as a filler, rather than one of the most important elements of a release. Quotes give a person the chance to have their say on the topic, truly driving a message home directly from the source.

In this story, both the Marie Keating Foundation and ROTHCO provided quotes, further cementing the power of their collaboration resulting in a hugely successful campaign.

This story also featured on,, The Mercury (Australia), AOL video (UK) to name a few.

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