How to maintain good media relations


Here at MediaHQ we understand how important it is to hold your media relations to a good standard. Once the effort has been put into forming them it would be a shame to see them go to waste. In celebration of international friendship day which falls on July 30, we have compiled three simple tips that will help you maintain good media relations.

It can often feel like you’re navigating through muddy waters when looking to keep good relations with your media contacts. Where do you begin? You’ve formed a good relationship with a reliable contact, but how do you go about maintaining this? It may seem like a difficult process but with the PR pointers we have outlined below it doesn’t have to be!

Research for relevance

In order to maintain a positive relationship with journalists you need to keep a good image in the media sphere. Sending out irrelevant press releases does not just waste your time and theirs but is living proof that you haven’t done your research.
One size certainly does not fit all in public relations. Pitching to a print publication and TV are two completely different stories and require varying tactics to be done and done well. Generic pitches and blanket campaigns are almost always irrelevant to journalists and should never be associated with your PR campaign, especially once good media relations have been cultivated as it paints you and your work in a bad light. Each press release should be using different lists or at least varying in some shape or form. The last thing you want is to work hard to cultivate good media relations to see them be washed down the sink by an easily avoided mistake like this. Having media contacts and a good reputation are the two things that remain constant in the ever-evolving world of media.


Having a creative streak is another way you can keep your name in the good books. Journalists’ inboxes are constantly swarmed with PR people hungry for news coverage carrying with them press releases that are not always newsworthy. Once you have forged a good relationship with a journalist they will recognise your name, let’s make them remember it for something good! Standing out, having something different to offer, being bold. These are all specific attributes that can get you where you want to be with your media relations.


Interaction is one sure-fire way to help build your brand awareness and reputation in PR. Sharing a journalist’s articles, commenting on their content and even offering tips and advice can be well received if done so in a respectable manner. Complimentary comments, support and advice is almost always well-received in communications and requires more engagement to keep your relationships in the world of PR to a good standard.
Media relations can prove to be one of the hardest challenges faced in communications. This is simply the nature of the media landscape. However, following the above advice puts you in a good position to keep your fellow journalists happy and can enrich you and your PR career if done so properly.
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