How to keep the peace when a PR crisis strikes


PR crisis’ happen every day and one day you too may be faced with one, but the most important tip you must recall is to remain calm. Don’t panic, don’t stress and remember, calmness is grace under pressure. Emotions may be high but ensuring a calm team can result in a calm client. 

So how do we keep the peace during a PR crisis? Here are some helpful tips. 

Take a breath and trust yourself

Focus on the task in hand and try not to become too caught up in the chaos. Breathe and know that everything will be okay in the end, if it’s not okay, it’s not the end. You were hired for a reason so don’t second guess your skills when they are most vital. Truth is you will learn from this experience and further develop your skills.

Preparation is key

As Benjamin Franklin once said ‘failing to prepare, you are preparing to fail’. During a red alert, is not the time to figure out how to handle it you must already have a well-devised plan set out and planned to avoid panic. Having a crisis management plan will present competence.

Don’t take it personally

Be open and try to view the situation from the viewpoint of the media. Remember it’s their job to try to make it difficult, don’t take it personally. As well as examining the situation in terms of the media you must also figure out how the issue looks in the eyes of the public. Take your time and think about different perspectives. 

Steady on

Don’t rush into giving any answers that aren’t well thought through. Although providing a quick response may show you are keen to resolve the issue, if it is answered without any consideration it may signify a level of unprofessionalism. 

Don’t bite off more than you can chew

There are sure to be other staff members that can help you through this crisis so why not use them? Don’t drown in the work and stress by yourself. Staff members are also gaining a level of experience by working with you through this emergency. They may be useful for supplying new ideas and new information.

Don’t suffer when the moment arrives, gather yourself and gain control using these five useful tips. 

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