June’s most read blog posts

27.06.19 Media

Here at MediaHQ, we’re always keeping track of what our readers are most interested in. Check out our top five most read blog posts from the month of June.

Top 10 Irish newspaper publications

This blog post takes a look at the top 10 esteemed Irish newspaper publications. Despite people being consumed with social media as a newsource, we are reminded that the Irish newspaper is still one of the most sought after and credible news sources today.

Top ten Irish newspaper publications

Top 5 environmental journalists

This blog post was timely in regards to global conversations concerning global warming. To mark these recent observations concerning the state of global environmental affairs, we decided to take a look at the top five journalists covering environmental issues.

Top 5 environmental journalists

5 Minutes with the Media–Nelius Stackpoole

Every so often, we sit down and have a chat with a variety of talented media professionals about what it is like to work in the Irish media industry. In this months edition, we caught up with SPIN South West’s Nelius Stackpoole who shared some of his professional and personal insights from his career in Irish radio.

5 Minutes with the Media – Nelius Stackpoole

4 ways to make your “boring” content sing

Our PR tips always get great coverage. Here at MediaHQ, we strive to find new ways to take the grunt work out of PR. In this blog, we list four ways to give your content a new lease of life.

4 ways to make your "boring" content sing

Pitching tips: How to pitch a feature story

Just like our PR tips posts, we also work hard to come up with new and inventive ways to make the life of a journalist a little easier. In this post, we take a look at a variety of ways to successfully pitch a feature story with ease.

Pitching tips: How to pitch a feature story

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