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By Barbara Ross

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Check out our top five most read blog posts from the month of July.

Top 10 Irish Newspapers 

Despite circulation being down across the board for Irish newspapers, the medium remains a vital news source for many people across the country. Thousands of broadsheets, magazines and tabloids are read daily and print media has remained an integral part of how Irish people consume the news. 
To help you navigate the most popular newspapers, here at MediaHQ we’ve put together the top 10 Irish publications. 

Top ten Irish newspaper publications

Grammar happy subjunctive mood 

The subjunctive mood is the most difficult of the English language major moods, the others being indicative and imperative.
The subjunctive mood is used when making subjective, non-factual remarks. It’s usually used to make a wish or to present a hypothetical situation. 
To learn more about this grammatical mood, take a look at the post below. 

Grammar Happy: The Subjunctive Mood

7 PR jokes we can all ‘relate’ to 

Working in PR, you need to be able to flex your proverbial funny bone every now and then. 
Whether it’s coming up with campaigns or designing eye-catching media releases, a little humour goes a long way to the eyes of a journalist.

7 PR jokes we can all ‘relate’ to

Top 3 journalists on social justice 

Telling untold stories of people who are vulnerable or oppressed shines the light on in justice and inequality. However, with so many different aspects of social justice, from homelessness to human rights, it’s hard to keep up with all the news within the space. 
We created a list of stellar journalists you can bookmark to get top updates about social justice issues. 

Top 3 journalists writing about social justice issues

Tell-tale signs of bad website copy 

Writing good website copy is tough work. Writing about your product or services in an informative, engaging way isn’t always easy. It takes practice and knowledge. The trick to writing good copy is to have great writing skills, good knowledge for your market and a thorough understanding of what your audience is looking for. 
One of the best ways to write good website copy is to understand what bad copy looks like. To help we’ve put together four tell-tale signs of bad website copy you should look out for. 

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