Journalist You Need To Know: Yomi Adegoke


What’s her beat?

Yomi Adegoke is a multi-award winning journalist who has written for The Guardian, The Independent and The Pool. The Evening Standard described her as a frontline pioneer, and she was selected by The Dots creative network as a woman who was redefining the creative industry.


Describe her in a sentence 

A passionate journalist paving the way for representation of issues concerning women and POC in the media.


Pitch or avoid?

All of Yomi’s contact details (along with 60,000 other journalists) are on her full profile with MediaHQ. If you’d like to get a demo just give us your details here, or email Gaye Gleeson on [email protected]


Why do I need to know her? 

As well as contributing to publications like The Guardian and The Independent, Yomi published a book in 2018 titled ‘Slay in Your Lane’, for which nine publishers competed. Yomi includes interviews with several successful and accomplished black women writers which feature throughout the book. ‘Slay in Your Lane’ explores topics including work, education, money, dating, health and the representation of black women throughout the media.


It is vital for a PR professional to expand their audience base and to know how to appeal to a wide audience. Reading about the experiences of journalists from different backgrounds can provide essential insight into the lives of people you may want to pitch to, and it can be an important aid when it comes to expanding your audience base. Yomi discusses topics such as feminism, class and politics. It is essential to have an understanding of how different cultures are affected by issues such as these as a PR professional, as it can inspire a personalised pitch.


What’s her back story?

Yomi began her career in 2009 as an intern at 4Creative for Channel 4. Yomi worked as an intern for The Guardian throughout her time in college and wrote for the Telegraph after this. Yomi is now a published author and a columnist at The Guardian.


Yomi took a year out of university while studying for a degree in law and founded Birthday Magazine, a magazine aimed at young black women which discussed race, feminism and pop-culture. This initiative was funded by O2 Think Big and distributed throughout local hair dressers in Croydon, Peckham and Brixton.

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