Journalist You Need To Know: Sophie Curtis


What’s her beat?

Sophie is the Mail Online’s new Science and Technology Editor. She used to hold the position with The Daily Mirror. Sophie covers all things tech by reviewing new products, and by telling us how big a role technology has played in world history.

Describe her in a sentence 

A tenacious journalist who perfectly understands people’s relationship with technology.

Pitch or avoid?

You can absolutely pitch to Sophie. All of Sophie’s contact details (along with 60,000 other journalists) are on her full profile with MediaHQ. If you’d like to get a demo just give us your details here, or email Gaye Gleeson on [email protected]

Why do I need to know her? 

Sophie expertly details the future of technology by giving her readers a comprehensive description of new products, new apps and new technology that will have an impact on the way we operate in the future. For example: Is there really life on Mars?

Some of Sophie’s work also shows how to manoeuvre through all the hidden features on apps we use every single day, including Instagram. After the infamous Wagatha Christie incident which saw Coleen Rooney accusing her friend Rebekah Vardy of selling stories about her to a national newspaper, Sophie took the opportunity to teach her readers how to block people from seeing your stories.

Her pieces also tell us how technology is central when it comes to history, especially when telling the story of the beginnings of the human race, figuring out when certain animals, like the wooly mammoth, really became extinct and what the Big Bang really was. The future of the relationship between technology and mankind is also very prevalent in her work as she covers all the new products before they are released. 

What’s her back story?

Sophie graduated from the University of Newcastle-Upon-Tyne in 2008 with a BA in English Literature. Before taking up her new position in the Mail Online, she was deputy editor of Techworld and the technology and science editor for the Daily Mirror. 

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