Journalist You Need To Know: Owen Jones


What’s his beat?

Owen Jones is a columnist with The Guardian, where he is a political commentator and shows his support for the Labour Party. He has a long interest in politics, as he held the position of columnist and trade union and parliamentary researcher for the Independent before joining The Guardian in 2014.


Jones is also a successful author, having published two political books analysing the treatment of the working class (Chavs: The Demonisation of the Working Class, 2011) and a book about the establishment (The Establishment and How They Get Away With It, 2015). After the publication of his first book, The Independent on Sunday named him as one of its Top 50 Britons of 2011. 


Describe him in a sentence 

A journalist passionate about the rights of minorities in Britain. 

Pitch or avoid?

You can absolutely pitch to him.


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Why do I need to know him? 

Having amassed a following of 950,000 on Twitter, Jones is one of the most popular journalists among young people in the UK today. He has represented, as a gay man, and stood up for the marginalised people of British Society. Jones strongly opposes and has campaigned against gay conversion therapy. 


Jones has received many accolades for his writing. In November 2012, Jones was awarded Journalist of the Year at the Stonewall Awards, The Daily Telegraph placed Jones seventh in its list of Britain’s most influential left-wingers back in 2013. In 2014 Jones was awarded the Young Writer of the Year prize at the Political Book Award.


What’s his back story?

Jones was born in Sheffield and raised in Stockport, Greater Manchester, and describes himself as a ‘fourth-generation communist’ because his grandfather was involved with the Communist Party. His parents rejected gender stereotypes when raising Jones and his siblings, and raised them with a “passionate hatred of injustice and bigotry”.


Jones studied History at University College, Oxford. After graduating in 2005, he went on to get a Master of Studies in US History in 2007. He was involved in politics long before he started his journalism career. Jones worked as a trade union lobbyist and was a parliamentary researcher for the Labour Party MP John McDonnell. He also worked with the left-wing historian Eric Hobsbawm. 

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