Journalist You Need To Know: Ian King




What’s his beat?

Ian King is a business journalist who presents Ian King Live on Sky News at 13:30 during the week. Ian also has a column every Monday in The Times, and covers the biggest stories in business and economics. On his lunchtime show, he has interviewed Ivan Menezes, CEO of Diageo, Paul Stein, CTO of Rolls Royce and many more people from every industry who provide an insight into the economy of that particular industry to his viewers. Throughout his career of over 25 years, he has won Business Journalist of the Year twice: 2005 and 2007. 


Describe him in a sentence 

An expert journalist in all things business and economics.


Pitch or avoid?

You can absolutely pitch to him through his editor, Scott Beasley, or his producer, Ganesh Rao.


All of Ian, Scott and Ganesh’s contact details (along with 60,000 other journalists) are on their full profile with MediaHQ. If you’d like to get a demo just give us your details here, or email Gaye Gleeson on [email protected]


Why do I need to know him? 

Ian has been referred to as a “powerhouse in business journalism” by the Head of Sky News, John Ryley:


“Ian’s credentials are impeccable. He is a powerhouse in business journalism and I know he will make a real impact with our viewers.”


Throughout his time at Sky News, Ian has interviewed two-thirds of FTSE-100 chief executives and several prime ministers from around the world. His analysis of the different industries as well as his commentary and analysis on breaking news stories makes him an expert in his field. 


What’s his back story?

Ian has a degree in History from the University of Manchester and a postgraduate diploma in Newspaper Journalism from the City, University of London. His talent for business and economic analysis started soon after his studies when he worked for Midland Bank and then as a business analyst for HSBC. 


Before joining Sky News in 2014 to take over from Jeff Randall as the face of their business coverage, Ian made a name for himself in the world of print journalism. He has worked at The Daily Telegraph, The Guardian and The Mail on Sunday. In 2000, he became the Business Editor of The Sun, where he stayed for eight years before taking up the post of Deputy Business Editor at The Times. He went on to be their Business and City Editor in 2011, for three years.