Journalist You Need To Know: Declan Walsh




What’s his beat?

Declan Walsh is the Cairo bureau chief for the New York Times. He formerly held the same position in Pakistan, but was expelled from the country back in May 2013. However, this didn’t stop Walsh covering Pakistani culture and society. In 2015, he published a story in the New York Times about large-scale diploma mill scams carried out by the Pakistani company Axact, which prompted a federal inquiry by the Pakistani Interior Minister. 


This was not Walsh’s only run in with the law in the line of duty. It was revealed in September 2019 by New York Times publisher Arthur Sulzberger that Walsh was going to be arrested in Egypt for unspecified reasons, and the Trump Administration were going to let the arrest happen: “Unable to count on our own government to prevent the arrest or help free Declan if he were imprisoned, we turned to his native country, Ireland, for help. Within an hour, Irish diplomats traveled to his house and safely escorted him to the airport before Egyptian forces could detain him.”


Describe him in a sentence 

Eager to uncover the truth, regardless of the consequences.


Pitch or avoid?

You can absolutely pitch to Declan.


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Why do I need to know him? 

It’s clear that Walsh is dedicated to uncovering human rights abuses, software fraud, insurgencies and everything in between. For him, the truth is paramount even if it ends in his arrest.


Given his base in Cairo, where he reported the wars in Libya and Syria, Walsh is located at the forefront of political crises in the Gulf. This gives him a unique insight into affairs that could directly affect his readers in the United States and the wider world, especially in today’s political climate and the tension between the US and Iran.


What’s his back story?

Walsh has worked in Africa and all over the Middle East for the Irish Times, The Guardian, The Independent and the New York Times.


Walsh, originally from Ballina, Co. Mayo, graduated from Dublin City University with a degree in Journalism and started his career at The Sunday Business Post in 1998. He won an award for Social and Campaigning Journalism. Soon after, he worked in Kenya and Nairobi as a freelance journalist travelling sub-Saharan Africa for The Irish Times and The Independent (UK).

It was in 2004 that he moved to Islamabad to be The Guardian’s correspondent for Afghanistan and Pakistan. 


Walsh spent five months in the United States during the 2016 presidential campaign to write a column, Abroad in America, that considered the election from the perspective of a foreign correspondent.

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