Journalist You Need To Know: Clover Stroud


What’s her beat?

Clover Stroud is a freelance journalist and author. She has written for the Daily Telegraph, The Times and the Daily Mail about her experiences as a mother, a wife, with divorce and with grief. 


She also covers travel and lifestyle pieces where she investigates unusual topics like why women join cults, women’s lives in the gypsy and travelling community, and interviews celebrities like Robbie Williams, Jess Glynne and Kylie Minogue. 


Describe her in a sentence 

A modern mum with an eye for an off-the-wall feature piece. 


Pitch or avoid?

You can pitch to her via her literary agent, Kirsty.


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Why do I need to know her? 

Stroud has a way of speaking about the topics that make us uncomfortable, for example the positive effect porn can have on a marriage, and on things that affect all of us – from the trials and tribulations of parenthood to divorce and loss. 


She has been all around the world in countries like Bhutan, Azerbaijan and Cambodia, finding unique experiences to share with her readers. 


Stroud writes for the biggest newspapers in the UK, and regularly appears on shows like This Morning, Lorraine and Vanessa to talk about her life and her work.


What’s her back story?

Clover is from Oxfordshire and was brought up in Wiltshire from the age of seven. She has four older siblings. In 1991, when Clover was 16, her mother suffered a severe brain injury from a fall while horse riding, her main passion. 


Herself and her siblings looked after their mum with the help of NHS nurses for 22 years until she passed away in 2013. The role of the caregiver went from her mother to her at the young age of 16, which had a profound effect on her.


She is a twice-married mother of five who speaks very openly about her first divorce, and why she chose to marry again. She married her first husband at the age of 24 and had two children, Jimmy and Dolly. 


Clover says of her first marriage: “my early marriage was also driven by a powerful, almost overwhelming need to re-create a family I’d lost.”


She has since remarried and has three young children. In her work, she shares why she thinks her marriage will work this time around, from lessons she has learned from her first marriage. 

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