Journalist You Need To Know: Amelia Tait


What’s her beat?

Amelia Tait is a freelance features journalist who writes for publications including The Guardian, The New York Times, Wired UK, Vice, GQ and The iPaper. Amelia focuses particularly on digital culture and explores its place in the world through her writing. She allows remarkable people to have their voices heard, by telling stories that would otherwise go untold.


Amelia writes about tech and internet phenomena, exploring topics ranging from crowdfunding and vegan conspiracy theories to online identity after death and women in technology.


Describe her in a sentence 

An inquisitive journalist, eager to explore the weird and wonderful aspects of life and the online world.


Pitch or avoid?

You can absolutely pitch to her.

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Why do I need to know her? 

Amelia Tait has written for multiple publications as well as contributing to tv and radio discussions. She explores the ins and outs of digital culture, sharing her knowledge of ‘influencers’ and ‘millennial culture’ with her readers. Amelia discusses the idea that we are living through historic times, even though we tend to see history as a thing of the past. She has looked at the phenomenon of former prisoners making a name for themselves on YouTube through discussing their experiences, which is not a topic reflective of that which is usually covered in the media. Amelia brings light to issues and phenomena which are happening online everyday with little recognition from the mass media. 


Using her platform to educate the reader on the world of online culture, Amelia is a journalist you need to know. As a PR pro, it is essential to be aware of digital media and culture, as many national media outlets have online varieties of publications in order to keep up with a growing society in which the internet is the best way to portray a message.


What’s her back story?

Amelia Tait became a freelance journalist after graduating with a degree in History and Anthropology. Touching on subjects that are not often spoken about in the mass media, Amelia brings a sense of ease to the reader, as she writes in a friendly tone, as though it is a conversation in which she wants the reader to be included. Amelia has written for high profile publications including GQ, The Guardian and The New York Times, which has given her a platform to explore online culture in traditional media.

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