John Murray goes out on a high with JNLR increase


Irish broadcaster and journalist John Murray went out in style with the JNLR figures revealed yesterday. The father of two accumulated a whooping gain of more than 9,000 listeners on his recently dropped RTÉ Radio 1 slot – ‘The John Murray Show’.

The Tallaght man’s permanent replacement, named yesterday as the inimitable RyanTubridy, will be returning after a five-year absence to take up the morning show mantle.

Tubridy who had replaced the late Gerry Ryan on 2fm, described John as doing an absolutely ‘gorgeous job’ for Radio 1. And what does the future hold for Mr. Murray? can now confirm that John will be making sports programming for RTÉ from this autumn onwards and wishes him the best of luck in all future endeavours. is Ireland’s leading media intelligence agency providing multiple services to both journalists, experts and more. To find out about all the latest updates in media news, follow us on Twitter or Facebook and check out the website for all upcoming conferences.

Sarah O Brien