JNLR regional focus: 3 stations that came out on top


The regional stations were the real winners of yesterday’s JNLR survey results.  It seems that listenership figures are up almost across the board in regional stations.  From Clare to Kildare, CEOs and presenters were shouting their results from the roof tops.

Here’s 3 that did particularly well:

Beat 102-103

The JNLR survey results were exceptionally good for south-east station Beat 102-103. The results revealed that Beat 102-103 have a record breaking market share of 17.4% among all adults. This figure is more than 2fm and Today FM’s combined, who hold, 5.9% and 10.8% respectively in the region.  The top [email protected] and The Takeover are two shows that did particularly well at the station yesterday.

Clare FM

The Banner’s local has long been a favourite within the county and beyond. Yesterday’s results show that the station is only going from strength to strength. Clare FM’s listenership has increased stronghold across the Banner. According to the figures, over 43,000 listeners tune into Clare FM everyday. With a population of approx 117,196 in Clare, this listenership figure is incredible. Market share is currently at 46% for Clarefm.

Kildare FM

Kildare FM also had great results following the latest JNLR. The survey results for the station reveal that 3000 more listeners now tune into the station weekly. Market share at KFM has increased by 2%, meaning that people are now listening into the station for longer periods of time. This is the 3rd consecutive JNLR survey that has seen KFM with an increased listenership. KFM CEO, Clem Ryan said of the achievement ‘We in KFM regard this latest result as evidence of the first class service KFM consistently provide to Co. Kildare’.

Are you struggling to keep up with outcomes of yesterday’s JNLR results? We have a mini-round up here.

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