JNLR – What you need to know


To keep on top of the media in Ireland, you need to know what’s popular and what’s a flop. The JNLR figures are great insight into the minds and ears of Irish audiences.

We have sifted through the latest figures and the top shows. Here’s what you need to know.

1.Listenership Nationwide

The good news for radio stations this evening is that Irish audiences are continuing to listen to a healthy amount of radio. We tune in, on average, for four hours a day during the prime time of 7am to 7pm. National radio currently has a 45.6% share of all the minutes. While local/regional radio has the majority share of 54.4%.

2.Most Popular Station

It appears that RTE Radio 1 has come out on top again. Shows appear to be up almost across the board at the station. News at One is up 43,000 year on year, The Ryan Tubridy Show is up 35,000 year on year and The Ray D’arcy show is up 34’000 listeners year on year.

3. Most Popular Show

According to the latest JNLR figures, the most popular radio show in Ireland is RTE Radio 1’s Morning Ireland. Figures show that Morning Ireland now has a listener-ship of 460,000. This figure is up 43,000 year on year and 12,000 book on book.

4.  The race between Today FM and 2fm

While it appears that Today FM’s weekday shows have taken a slight blow, their weekend shows appear to be up. Additionally, the latest figures appear to show that the gap between RTE 2fm and Today FM has now been widened with Today FM coming out in front.

5. Regional Stations

The regionals are once again the real winners of the JNLR.  KFM have announced an increase of 3000 listeners every week. Claire FM has also increased it’s listenership across the banner with an impressive 43,000 listeners now tuning in everyday. Radio Kerry has been solidified as the most listened station in Kerry according to today’s figures.

There you have it folks. If you’re looking to compare today’s figures to the last batch of figures check out our blog here.

Keep an eye on our blog for more JNLR analyses in the upcoming days.

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