How to infuse humour into your content

03.05.19 content

As we celebrated all things ha ha ha to mark World Laughter Day yesterday, Sunday May 5th, we put together some useful tips that will help you infuse some humour into your content and thus, resurrect your posts and keep your readers waiting for more.

As you might know, humour is no longer just for pranksters or fluff writers. It’s for anyone who wants to make a mark on the world and create real impact. Injecting humour into your content has the power to get people to pay attention, morphing them from uninterested, lifeless passersby into fully engaged and wholly attentive readers.

Here’s what you need to do; 

Focus on your intro 

Your introduction needs special attention.

Most readers make up their minds whether to continue reading some content or move on to the next after reading the introduction. So lace your introduction with a little humour. Make your opening the window through which your readers will see the essence of your content.

Throw in some fun/funny facts, illustrations, funny quotes, or other useful types of humour in the introduction. When you do this repeatedly, your readers will become addicted to your content.

Get funny inspiration from an outsider

To be honest, my late dad used to provide me with some of the best articles whenever I was writing anything in as far as humour is concerned. He was a funny fella without trying to be, which used to make it even more laughable. He used to crack quick jokes with completely deadpan delivery.

Now, you’re not going to write about your dad on your PR content, but you might find a humorous comment or take on life that you can tuck into your work from the people and experiences in your life.

Sprinkle in some hilarious images, memes or gifs

Images can sometimes express that which you can’t find the right words for. On the other hand, memes are a great way to show your readers how to respond to your jokes. By using the right image to drive home your jokes, coupled with the right meme, you will fuel your readers’ interest in your content. Gradually, they will find your posts irresistible- this translates to retaining readership.

Yeah, you got it right. You don’t necessarily have to write a single funny word to create entertaining content. 

Write about the mundane stuff

“I walk around as if everything is fine, but deep down, inside my trainer, my sock is sliding off,” Anonymous.

Sometimes it’s grand to write about the mundane, the thing you assume your reader doesn’t care to read about because it’s so obvious or unimportant. Throw in a few mundane details about what is around you, what you had for dinner, or the small talk you had with your dog in the park and your content will become remarkably more intriguing.

Mention the petty frustrations and annoyances as part of your larger blog post and treat it with a light touch to help your reader laugh their frustrations away. People generally latch onto the idea that other people get frustrated or annoyed about the same things in daily life and they laugh that someone feels the same.

With your content, you basically give readers the tools to find humour in frustrating situations the next time they are faced with it.

Write your content while drunk

No, don’t. Please. Only pulling your leg on this one.

On a more serious note though

Lastly, not every post is a candidate for humour sometimes it’s all about getting down to business and informing readers. Your business is essential. Your clients and followers need to know that you take them seriously. The only thing that is funny, brilliant actually, is the honest and playful way that you convey information to your readers with content that leaves them laughing and craving more.

So once in a while, go for a laugh as you inform your readers.

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