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MediaHQ is the one-stop media contacts database for Charity Communications Teams. In one place you can build media lists, distribute press releases, pitch your story and read press release reports. MediaHQ will transform the way you work, making sharing your news instant and hassle free.

Pinpoint journalists & amplify your story

MediaHQ's powerful PR software effectively helps you generate media coverage for your charitable endeavours by connecting you with some of the most influential contacts.

  • Helping Charities Raise their Profile
  • MediaHQ can help your charity amplify it's voice
  • Raise awareness and make an impact in the media
  • Trusted by hundreds of charities
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Pinpoint search

Identify the right journalist who’d be interested in your story.

There are over 60,000 journalists working in the UK. I it can be really challenging to find the right one for your story. Our dynamic search feature allows you to find the perfect match every time. Filter through our media database by media type, organisation, keyword and audience location to find the correct journalist for your story.

Trusted by Charities

With over 15 years of experience. We understand how PR for charity works. We’ve helped hundreds of charities connect their stories with journalists.

We have even put together some great free case studies to help your charity.

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Tailor your charity's pitch

Send to every media contact on your list or send to just one.

  • MediaHQ’s press release distribution software allows you to send your press release to multiple media contacts at once or just to one target journalist. With our personalisation feature, you can make each email unique, with a personalised greeting, enabling you to make fast and easy connections.

Find out what the media are saying about your cause

Discover what the media is saying about your topic and interact with them

  • Search through the stories and Twitter feeds of thousands of journalists and discover perfect media opportunities.
  • Add results to your media lists and pitch journalists.
  • Filter through our media database by media type, location and keywords.
  • Detailed Reports about your story
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