3 wonderful ways MediaHQ improves your work life

05.07.18 relaxed improve work

Here at MediaHQ, we take the grunt work out of your media relations by providing you with an always up to the minute database filled with the most important media contacts in Ireland.

Our research team work hard and keep an eagle eye out for the latest updates and media moves so that you are always ahead of the pack. We aim to make our clients’ day to day working life just that little bit easier and we think we do a good job of that. Here are just a couple of ways MediaHQ improves your daily grind.

Getting Your Work to the right people

We keep our database up to date and filled with the most important media contacts in Ireland. This means if you are using MediaHQ you will always be able to get your press releases to the most relevant and influential journalists in any field. This ranges from community radio presenters to the editors of the largest publications in the country so no matter what business you are in you’ll be able to pick the ideal journalist for your releases.

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Watch Your GDPR Worry Disappear

GDPR has cost companies time, money and a lot of stress. In the PR world where communications professionals are constantly sending emails and making calls to journalists, it is especially important that all the contacts you have are GDPR compliant.

Being GDPR compliant is an ongoing process. Once you have someone’s contact information you are required by the new legislation to keep this information up to date and to only hold it for a certain length of time. MediaHQ eliminates this worry, we have you covered. Our database is fully GDPR compliant and we have an easy reporting system which allows us to document where we acquire our permissions from for the contacts we have.

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Saving You Time

MediaHQ aims to give you some of your time back. Whether that be by reducing the time it takes you to make a media list significantly or through our quick press release creation platform. We shave time off the work you have to do so you can do more of the work you want to do.

If it means you get an extra five minutes to relax with a cup of coffee or an extra hour to brainstorm a press release we want to take work off your plate so you can focus on what is important to you.

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Want to learn more about how MediaHQ can improve your work life? Click here or give Gaye a call at 01 254 1845