Have you hit a writing block with your press release? Here’s how to overcome it

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By Kate Ryan
Writing block

We’ve all hit that seemingly insurmountable brick wall we call writer’s block. 

It is inevitable, it happens every writer and is something we must learn to transcend. That is why our team here at MediaHQ have come up with some suggestions to help you block out the block.

There are many reasons that can lead to a writer’s block, ranging from performance anxiety to perfectionism. When caught in the pit it can be overwhelming. It may seem as though you will never write again, never feel inspired, never have another creative thought. This is the block getting the better of you. Our tips and tricks here at MediaHQ are listed below to stop you from throwing in the towel on your press release!

Take a break

 Naturally, if you’ve been writing for hours upon hours staring at the same computer screen without a break, you’re going to hit some kind of block, whether that be of a writer’s or of plain mental exhaustion. Be sure to not overwork yourself, being overly tired will not offer your press release anything helpful.

Of course, these breaks must be within reason. If you’ve found yourself lacking creative thoughts, don’t force it, but do not simply wait for an idea to hit you. Let it sit for a day or two while you turn to a few roughly sketched out ideas you’ve been meaning to flesh out. As your mind focuses itself on something else, you’re allowing your subconscious to mull over the issues you’re having with your PR writing. When you return to pick up the pen the creative juices will be back up and running. You may be surprised to find the ideas your mind has summoned in this short time and where they can bring you and your press release.

When in doubt draw it out

 Brainstorming is a writer’s best friend. Some ideas for your press release may seem wonderful in your head but prove difficult to get down on paper in a comprehensible way. Instead of admitting defeat, pick up a pen and begin to draw your idea. You may be surprised at what images have the ability to trigger ideas. Fleshing out these ideas old-style using a pen and paper can help give your creativity a voice. Soon these ideas that were once a mere thought have substance to them along with the potential to be a successful press release.

Avoid Perfectionism

Everyone struggles with perfectionism. Often PR professionals who have been writing for years will struggle to read their own work once it has been released for fear of all the mistakes they will see. Along with the virtue of having a creative mind brings the pest of perfectionism. But if you remain focused on perfection, your press release may never be published. Every writer knows first drafts are far from perfect but give us a chance to understand the different routes your press release has the option of venturing.

John Dufresne said “the purpose of the first draft is not to get it right, but to get it written”. Hold this quote close to heart when writing your first draft. Be patient and wait until your page is filled with every aspect of the idea your mind had been holding hostage. It is only then can you properly revise, edit and modify the contents of your first draft. This delayed editing will allow yourself to view the press release with a fresh pair of eyes and spark your writer’s determination to get it right.


 When lacking your own inspiration, you can find ideas elsewhere and make them your own. Perhaps something you read had sparked a thought in your mind. Flesh out this feeling, give it substance, purpose, relevance. Making an idea your own is important, be original in all your pursuits especially your writing. You can find inspiration everywhere you go. Putting your own spin on an idea you’ve been offered and channelling it into your writing could be the piece of the puzzle your press release has been lacking all along.

Have you overcome your writer’s block and are ready to distribute your press release? Click here to see what we do, or call Gaye on (01) 254 1845. 



Kate Ryan

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