The ‘Galloping Horse Strategy’

By Jack Murray

When I’m writing a press release I have an approach that I call the ‘Galloping Horse’ strategy. With this strategy the only thing that you need to be successful is the most exciting headline you can imagine for the story. Let me give you an example.

A few years ago Irish forklift manufacturer Combilift called and said they were opening a new head quarters in an old chicken factory and wondered in that classic way if they could get ‘a bit of PR’ for their efforts. I went and met them and asked a few pertinent questions? How much was it going to cost? Why was it significant? Would it create any jobs? Once they gave me the answers I thanked them and promised I would be back the following morning with the ‘Galloping Horse’. You see it’s called the ‘Galloping Horse’ strategy because it’s a story, so exciting that you will have to pull the reins on it, just to keep it in check.  

 The headline is the only thing that matters

“10 Million investment to create 100 jobs in new Combilift Global Headquarters.”
Simple, effective, full of promise and energy and even a little exciting.
How can you achieve that in your headline? You should follow this process:

  • Start with the headline. Write it before you write anything else.
  • Ask yourself: How can I make it more:
    • Simple.
    • Impactful.
    • Exciting.
    • Relevant.
    • Immediate.
    • Full of action.
  • For at least 30 minutes write as many versions of the headline as you can.
  • Pick the five you think are best.
  • Call in a few colleagues and pick the best two.
  • Only now are you ready to write the story.

Key takeaway

Write the headline first and make sure it’s insanely good. Keep working until it’s truly as exciting as it can be. Remember it’s much easier to tone something down than to make it more exciting.
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Jack Murray

CEO at MediaHQ

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