February’s Irish Media Movements

By Ciara Byrne

February saw a number of changes across Irish media with some high profile movements within the industry.

Below you can find a sample of some of the Irish media movements that have taken place throughout the month.

Rachel Collins has returned to her Irish Times role

Rachel Collins has returned to her role as Editor of The Irish Times Magazine after taking a year of maternity leave.

WeAreIrish.ie has launched

WeAreIrish.ie is a website that focuses on uplifting, positive Irish stories and good news only, from Irish people at home and abroad. The website was launched by travel journalist and blogger Una-Minh Kavanagh.

Naomi O’Leary has joined The Irish Times

Naomi O’Leary has been appointed as a Europe Correspondent for The Irish Times.

RogueCollective.ie has launched

Rogue is a subscription-based website providing exclusive writing, videos and podcasts by Irish creators including Louise McSharry, Louise Bruton and Taryn DeVere.

Brendan O’Connor has joined RTE Radio 1

Brendan O’Connor will take over Marian Finucane’s slot on RTE Radio 1 from mid-March.

Ellen Coyne has joined The Irish Independent

Ellen Coyne has left her role as Head of Politics at Joe.ie to become a News Correspondent for The Irish Independent.

Brian O’Reilly has been promoted at DMG

Brian O’Reilly has been appointed Digital Head of News at DMG Ireland. Brian will continue to work across extra.ie, as well as Evoke.ie and RollerCoaster.ie.

Sean O’Regan has left Newstalk

Sean O’Regan has left his position at Communicorp stations to make a move to Canada.



Ciara Byrne

Research Executive at MediaHQ

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