Featured Journalist: Lorraine O’Hanlon

By MediaHQ

YS-FjsKR_400x400This week our featured journalist is the newly-appointed editor of the Galway Independent, Lorraine O’Hanlon.

Lorraine took over from Hilary Martyn. Prior to this, Lorraine was a deputy editor for the newspaper for almost four years.

She graduated from the National University of Ireland Galway with a masters in Journalism (First Class honours). After graduating in 2010, Lorraine became a freelance journalist and wrote for a number of papers, including the Connacht Tribune, the Galway City Tribune, the Galway Advertiser, and the Connacht Sentinel.

In April 2010 Lorraine secured a job as a journalist for the Galway Independent. Since then she has worked her way up to deputy editor and now editor.

To follow more of Lorraine’s career, check out her Linkedin. You can also follow her on twitter.




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