What are you doing daily to boost your creativity in your PR campaign?

08.02.19 creativity

Here at MediaHQ we all believe creativity is a must have, especially when involved in PR writing.

Having a creative mind lends a hand towards the ignition of your imagination, the sparking of new ideas and your ability to summon alternative writing possibilities. In order to be heard over all the other competitive voices craving the media’s attention you must be innovative and bold in your PR practices. Our team here at MediaHQ will offer you 6 helpful tips to enhance your creative side.

Increased creativity can be useful for enhancing general productivity in your work. We hope the following tips our team have produced will prove helpful in your quest for creativity!

Put aside time to write

We all would love to have a more creative mind, but the actual process involved tends to turn people off. Putting aside just fifteen minutes a day and dedicating it to brainstorming some new more adventurous ideas for your press releases could work wonders for your career.

If your mind has turned blank perhaps consider scribbling down something you witnessed that day or single random words that come to mind. Expand on these ideas, develop them and watch them grow. All ideas have to begin somewhere and that origin can often be a single word or occurrence.


Meditation can work wonders for an addled mind, especially when PR work or your lack thereof starts to consume your thoughts leading to an even bigger mess. Sitting still in silence for a few minutes can give your mind that refreshment its been craving.

Allowing your mind to go blank can summon the important ideas with substance to them, ideas you had not previously considered, ideas worth writing about!

Get out into nature

We can often become so consumed in our own lives, our phones, our work that we forget to appreciate the beauty of the world around us and all it has to offer. Along with meditation, stepping outside into the cold air can spark creative ideas for a press release you had not thought of before.

Nature can be the best stimulant, even with PR writing. Getting away from your desk, going for a walk or a swim can revitalise your energy as well as your creativity levels, stimulating new fresh ideas for your PR campaigns.


Write about unfamiliar topics

Stepping outside your comfort zone with your writing is one aspect that distinguishes a good press release from a great one. If you remain safely enclosed in a comfortable routine of writing on similar topics, creativity will remain further and further from your reach along with your success in the PR world.

In order to expand your mind and make your press release stand out from the rest, you must advance your writing to more unfamiliar areas. One word brainstorming and further development of these ideas can lend a helping hand towards your PR practices when venturing into a new area of PR.

It is crucial not to allow perfectionism to stunt your productivity in this area. Writing on a fresh unfamiliar topic in close proximities to an area you are less educated in can be a challenge and it may take time to adjust to the change. However, pushing your mind to these limits will ignite your creativity in ways you have not seen before.

Ask for a stranger’s opinion

While it can be a great help asking a fellow PR professional for advice on your press release, asking a stranger untrained in the world of PR can often lend an alternative helping hand. A fresh pair of eyes should always be welcomed in the world of writing.

While someone in the same field may have helpful suggestions, they can also be caught up in their own web of intricate thought processes related to their own work. Someone unfamiliar with the world of press releases may have some propositions or brilliant ideas you had not considered before.


Change up your workspace

Working at the same mundane desk in the corner of the same dull room staring at that permanently grey wall for weeks on end will knowingly drain your creativity. A boring workspace will not offer your writing a helping hand. Working by a window with a view and plenty sunlight can keep your mind awake and active throughout the day.

Trying a new cafe once a week and working in a new environment can heighten the creative levels in your writing. The differing work surroundings keeps your brain energised and may even spark alternate ideas for your writing. Remember to leave work at work. If not, there is a possibility of finding yourself in an unchanging cycle of reserved tiresome press releases.

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