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15.02.16 culture, blogs

Ahead of our two blogging for PR success courses on February 24, we look at some of our favourite blogs.

Here are three culture blogs that we love:


A self-described “collaborative hub for the creative and the curious”, HeadStuff.org focusses on high quality content that is created by a host of interesting contributors.

The antithesis of clickbait, the site covers everything from abstract art to history to science — it even publishes original fiction. HeadStuff focusses on empowering its readers with knowledge — and keeping them entertained.

The site is edited by Alan Bennett, who also founded the Schnitzel Comedy Club in Limerick, so there is a steady stream of great Irish comics that contribute to the site including Gearóid Farrelly, who hosts the Fascinated podcast, and Alison Spittle, who writes a column.

Cultured Cuppa

Run by journalist Niamh O’Donoghue, a regular contributor to MFI Magazine and Picture This, Cultured Cuppa is a refreshingly positive blog that showcases the best of Dublin.

It is eloquently written with striking visuals to boot. Niamh has a developed a distinct voice, especially in her Hospitales series, which chronicles her experience of scoliosis.

She recently appeared on the Ray D’Arcy Show to talk about her condition and a portrait that appeared on Humans of Dublin.

746 Books

The best blogs have a unique hook that reels readers in.

Book buying addict Cathy Brown set up a blog after she realised that she had 746 unread books in her possession.

At the rate she was reading, Cathy calculated that it would take her over 20 years to read just those ones, so she set herself the challenge of completing her unread collection before buying anymore.

She documents her journey, writing a review of each book. A simple premise, but one that is hugely appealing.

So far, there are 649 more books to go. We’re rooting for you, Cathy!

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