How to be creative in your PR pursuits

19.04.19 creative

All writers and journalists understand the importance of being creative, but weaving it into your PR practices can be a difficult challenge. It is not enough to simply possess a creative mind. Many of us are blessed with imagination but if not put to good use, it can become a futile trait. The fact that many people don’t see PR as a particularly creative industry tells us that something is being forgotten, that new ideas need to be sought out. Creativity should be a writer’s bread and butter as it holds power which can be channelled into your work to produce successful results. Asking yourself and your readers the right questions will break the rhythmic cycle of repetitive press releases as well as help you stand out in the world of media.

Many PR professionals are not eager to take creative endeavours or stray from their usual methods for fear of failure. However, difference must be embraced if looking to achieve better results. Clients and journalists will be more likely to approach you if your creative attempts have a powerful impact and stand out from the crowd. Of course, this is much easier said than done, how does one actually go about boosting creativity in PR? That’s where our team here at MediaHQ step in. We have devised a list of tips and tricks to help you with your creative pursuits and get you the coverage you’ve always wanted.

Originality and audacity

Aversion to risk-taking is a sure-fire way to hinder your PR success. Many PR professionals tend to stick to the same principles they started out with, simply due to the familiarity they hold. However, each press release you write employing these overused methods can lead to a similar turn over with the same amount of interest shown. Embracing your audacious nature can lead to authenticity and the production of more effective press releases. One must take bold action and be willing to dive head first into these creative endeavours for them to work. Taking a leap of faith towards bigger and better ideas may be the key to giving your press release the kick it needs.

Be innovative in your pursuits. Having an unconventional approach to certain topics will give journalists a unique impression of you and your work. Only then are you giving yourself the opportunity to surpass the boundaries confining you. In an attempt to break the prejudice of what you believe is expected of your writing, you must challenge and transcend the norms of PR. Part of the process is not simply possessing creative skills but realising its relevance and understanding what is expected. Learning the value of creativity and making it a priority is one of the most important elements. Understanding the meaning of creativity can allow those sparks to fly offering you the coverage you’ve been looking for.


Rethink and step outside the box

A creative mind does not form overnight. If you are aware that creativity is an area in which you struggle, setting time aside and dedicating effort towards it will only help your situation. If you are grappling in this particular area, observing other successful PR professionals and the methods they use to obtain good coverage is another method that can help. Looking at the patterns successful campaigns follow can give you an idea of what works and how to employ these methods in your own work. Observing existing creative techniques gives you the opportunity to put your own twist on them and embed them into your own work.

Giving yourself the opportunity to discover and implement different means of getting your message across will give you a competitive advantage. There is never one way of doing something. These playful and artistic attempts can often lead to public recognition and appreciation, sparking an interest in you and your work. Try putting yourself in the shoes of your readership. Ask yourself if you read this headline would you be interested? If the answer is no, you may need to reconsider the approach you’re taking. However, if your answer is yes, analyse the methods you have employed in order to apply them to future press releases. Understanding your content is key, as then you can mould it in a way that allows it to strike a chord with your readership.


Environment and routine

When looking to boost your imagination, you must enhance the potential of your creative mind to summon more innovative content. There are a number of ways to do this, such as changing your surrounding environment or existing routine. Being stuck in the same place with the same habits will surely supply you with the same press releases, uninspired and repetitive. You will begin to explore new ideas when you find yourself in alternative settings as new ways of thinking will come naturally when working outside of your normal routine. Remember to enjoy what you do and have fun doing it! This plays a huge part in kick-starting your motivation alongside creativity. There are stimuli for success everywhere you go. Getting outside into the world, besides your usual workspace, will encourage your creative mind, giving it the push it needs.

In order to learn from the unknown, you must be courageous enough to embrace it. These alternative methods of working will get your creative juices flowing and ideas flying. Engaging with this flexibility will not only help you creatively but will alleviate the stress in your life, giving you room to consider more engaging creative ideas. We must learn to recognise the power different environments hold within them and the potential they have to stimulate the brain. They have the ability to supply you with a more original approach and exciting ideas to provide the results you’re looking for.

Overall, we should all be more inclined to take creative risks, to chance something we may not have considered before, to shun conservatism and open our minds to the diverse creative world. When aiming to empower and direct, one must work to conceive inspiring ideas in order to resonate and connect with the audience. Adding a creative touch to your work offers it a more human face whom journalists can engage and relate with, boosting the value of your work. Creativity is a must have, crucial for PR pursuits and can be the difference between a successful press release and a mediocre one.

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