How to checkmate your PR goals

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It’s international chess day and to celebrate, we’ve compiled a variety of ways on how you can checkmate your PR goals. Believe it or not, PR shares many parallels with chess. Both require a strategic and methodological approach. In both chess and PR, it is important to ensure that your moves are calculated, otherwise, things can easily go wrong.

Like a game of chess, PR requires its players to communicate wisely, be creative and position themselves strategically. Check out some of the similarities between chess and PR below.

Perspective is key

Perspective is the key to understanding both the game and the people you must consider when it comes to strategic planning for PR campaigns. Like a game of chess, it is important for PR professionals to step outside the playing field and calculate the best way to approach their target audiences. In both circumstances, it might be useful to consider unorthodox or risky strategies. Nonetheless, it is always important in either case to take a step back and analyse your next best move.chess 3

Keep track of your opponents 

Like a game of chess, in the PR industry, it is important to keep up to date on the advances of your competition or market rivals. Try to remain a step ahead by meticulously planning your next move. One slip and it’s game over! You can do this by conducting regular market research into your audiences and using your findings to brainstorm new competitive ideas to strategically advance your PR endeavours further.

Be in the centre of the action

In a game of chess, some of the most important squares on the board are in the centre. If you occupy these, you can find yourself in a good position to win the game. Like PR, it is important to be in the centre of all things that concern your target audience. To successfully understand your stakeholders, it is important to educate yourself on topics that are important to your publics. This can help you gain a competitive advantage against your market rivals. By being in the centre of things in PR, you can have better control over conversations and key messages. Like a game of chess, being in the centre can make it easier to anticipate what’s next to divert any potential issues that may arise.

Don’t rush your moves

As we all know, you can’t take your moves back in a game of chess. This same idea applies to the PR world. One wrong move and you lose the game or find yourself facing a crisis situation. It is important to not make any moves without thinking or anticipating what could happen.chess 2
Be the Queen of your PR plan
In chess, the Queen can dominate the board. Be sure to have control over your PR plan and campaign messages by doing the necessary market research before making your moves. Like the Queen in chess, if you jump too early without a niche knowledge of who you are hoping to engage with, you may lose the game. By taking your time, you can conduct a successful PR plan that will have you assuming royal standards in no time.
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