Bring your PR strategy back from the dead this Halloween

By Andrea Palmentiero
PR Strategy

Halloween is just around the corner which means the veil that separates our world from the spirit world is at its thinnest.  But what’s scarier than zombies walking around our neighbourhoods at night preying on the living? A current PR strategy that has been dead for years.

Here are four tips to becoming the Victor Frankenstein of your PR strategy that will have your audiences saying ‘IT’S ALIVE!’

Do something that scares you

Safezones may be where people feel the most comfortable but in the world of PR, it’s as lethal place to stay. Safe Zones stop you from taking risks in order to grow, improve and succeed as a company. Companies who are making news headlines and getting great media coverage aren’t doing so by staying in their comfort zones.  They’re taking risks, branching out and doing things that most companies aren’t in order to earn the coverage they deserve. Stepping out and doing something that scares you can be hard and uncomfortable, but if it were easy then every company would be doing it and making the news. In the competitive world of PR, you need to stand out in order to get noticed and the first step to this requires leaving your safe zone and taking a chance.

Don’t be a Zombie

Zombies are known for wandering around aimlessly with no clear destination as to where they are going.  This may be okay around Halloween, but it’s never okay to let your PR take on these zombie-like characteristics. To avoid this happening, make sure that your PR efforts have clear goals and objectives so that you are communicating with the right audiences, in the right ways that will give you the best results and take your company to your desired destination. Zombies are also not the most alluring creatures in the world but we’ll give them a break because they are not living–your PR however, has no excuse. Your PR efforts should always be interactive and engaging and involve communicating and building good relationships with the customers that are vital to your organisation’s survival.

Halloween party? Yes please!

A fun and effective PR tactic is hosting big events, minus the witch costumes. By holding launch parties, press conferences or even opening nights you will gather current and potential clients and customers in hopes that they support your company with any future endeavours or projects. If your clients and customers have a great time and make good memories at an event hosted by your company, it will make them that much more attracted to your brand because they associate it with their positive experience.  Hosting big company events or launch parties is a great way to not only promote your company but also earn your company good media coverage. When the launch of something is celebrated with a party, it’s an opportunity that media outlets like to cover which in turn will draw more attention to you and your company.

Use everSCREAM stories

By using everscream, or as the mortal world may call it, evergreen stories, you are keeping your content up to date an relevant with what is going on in the world. Creating stories around holidays such as Halloween, Christmas or Easter you are connecting your company to these public holidays that people love to read and talk about.  This makes you more attractive to your audience and more likely that they will be interested in what you’re putting out. Evergreen stories is also a great PR tactic because it gives your company a personal human touch. Everyone loves the holidays, so why not emphasise the fact that your company loves them too, so people can connect resonate more with your company and the content you’re putting out.

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Andrea Palmentiero

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