Brand storytelling- a reflection


logo-439So yesterday marked’s first ever Brand storytelling course. Over the last 5 years has helped people to share almost 65,000 stories. Everyday we help some of Ireland’s best known brands and organisations share stories about new projects, jobs, good news, events and upcoming challenges. It’s been an experience, an experience we wanted to share with people. We’ve learned a lot and we wanted to teach people the art of great storytelling in order to truly help them enhance their brands and organisations.

The aim of the course was to teach attendees how to imagine and craft memorable and passive stories about themselves their organisation, their products and their vision. We set out to do this by delivering a series of constructive exercises throughout the day we also looked at case studies of various successful brands, such as 3FE Coffee, Dollar Shave Club and SUGRU.

We began the day by looking at the link between brands and emotion. Attendees were asked to name their favourites brands, say what they liked in particular about them and why. This developed a foundation for moving forward; a good brand will convey strong emotion.

Next we discussed the ‘why’ as in why do brands do what they do? What is the core purpose? Attendees were asked to look at their own organisations and ask themselves why they are doing what they do.

We then focused on audiences. Attendees were asked to specifically define and categorise their audience and their defining traits and characteristics.
We examined other factors like environment, platforms and cultural tend, and the ways in which these contribute to a brands story.

Attendees then had a go at creating their own stories based on the knowledge and topics we had discussed.  Case studies were used to highlight the components of good storytelling. For example a story must deliver emotion, transcend the right tone, engage with the audience and with the senses. It’s okay to show vulnerability in your story as this appeals to an audience. It’s important to tell a story from your own perspective and to let go, share it, and embrace it.

All in all we feel the day was a successful and positive experience, we are looking forward to delivering  the course again in the future.

Here are some of the testimonials from the day:
“I really enjoyed the brand storytelling workshop. It provided a solid structure for developing a brand story”- Aoife O Driscoll– Powerscourt

“A very creative journey- a lot of inspiring stories from people in diverse industries. A very worthwhile experience.” –Rachel Galligan –RCPI

“Inspiring, Insightful Course.” Louise Foody– Kingspan