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Communications, Content, Creativity October 3, 2018

Protected: How do you make the news? Revenue Case Study

There is no excerpt because this is a protected post.

Communications, GDPR, Journalism September 14, 2018

3 unexpected consequences of GDPR

With the General Data Protection Regulation firmly in place, the onslaught of consent emails has finally calmed down. While the regulation is great for individuals to take back control of their personal data, there have been some, eh annoyances, since the GDPR kicked in. Here are three unexpected consequences that came after the deadline: Accept

Irish Journalists, Journalism, Media September 10, 2018

MediaHQ Essentials: Creating your perfect press release for the Ploughing Championships

Welcome to this week’s MediaHQ Essentials. This week with the advent of the Ploughing Championships almost upon us we’ll be looking at how to create and send the perfect National Ploughing Championships press release. The National Ploughing Championships will soon be in full swing and dominating the media of the moment in Ireland. This week in our

Communications, Content, Grammar Happy August 28, 2018

Want to become a better PR writer? Say goodbye to these fillers

Trying to grab your audience’s attention? Want to get your message across?  Want your audience to take action? Answered yes to any or all of the above? Sometimes it may seem like an impossible task, particularly when writing within the parameters of a press release. You also have to include quotes and flesh out a

Communications, Journalism, Marketing August 23, 2018

3 PR email tactics to engage your audience

Email marketing has been around for over two decades, so naturally, there has been a massive amount of developments since it’s beginnings. With so many distractions and ‘time-poverty’ playing its part,  it can be difficult to grab the attention of your audience. With that in mind, we provide three email marketing tactics to get your

Communications, Content, Journalism August 22, 2018

10 questions with–Fiona Murdoch of the Irish Girl Guides

Here at MediaHQ, we have Ireland’s biggest charities, government departments and organisations on our client books. They’re all doing amazing work on the PR/Communications front, so we’ve decided to catch up with those who are making the news. This week, we chat to Fiona Murdoch of the Irish Girl Guides. 1) What is your current

Communications, Journalism, August 20, 2018

5 steps to a killer PR pitch

Have you ever wondered why some ideas for PR pitches to journalists succeed and some fail miserably? And is there a way to inject a bit of science into it and give your next pitch a better chance of succeeding. I started out in a political press office in Dublin on January 4 1999. Over the

Featured Journalist, Irish Journalists, Journalism August 17, 2018

Think outside the box–5 great journalists to pitch to

When trying to get coverage for a story, it’s very easy to just pitch it out to journalists working for national publications in the hope it will get the biggest audience views and then just leave the story there. In reality, you should be pitching to everyone who specialises in your story subject. They might

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