How to effectively manage your remote PR
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How to Effectively Manage your Remote PR

By Ciara Byrne

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5 proven tips to recover from a PR disaster

By Niamh Dunne

PR scandals or crises: while they make great headlines in the newspaper, they can leave a company in a PR frenzy. Most PR pros do everything in their power to avoid a scandal, but that is not always possible. Many companies have come under fire in recent years such as Pepsi, Uber and most notably […]

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Press Release

How to write a press release – MediaHQ eBook

By Anna Henderson

When carrying out Media Relations, press releases are still one of the main ways the media generate news. As a Communications/PR Pro your objective is to get your message to appear in the media unchanged. For this to happen, your press release must read the same way as a news story. It might seem obvious, but […]

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Big break

This day 20 years ago I got my big break

By Jack Murray

All image copyrights belong to © This day 20 years ago I got my big break. I was 25 years of age. On January 4, 1999 I started working as the Party Press Officer for the Progressive Democrats. I was plucked from obscurity and thrust into a three and a half year rollercoaster ride that […]

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MediaHQ eBook

Top 10 tips for great PR teams – MediaHQ eBook

By Anna Henderson

We know that PR and Communications teams are busy people. Balancing client work, events, managing media relations and your public image is no easy feat. Ireland’s best PR teams use MediaHQ every day to make the news. We want to share what makes their PR and media relations efforts so successful and how they get […]

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Pitching tips from Ireland’s top journalists – eBook

By Anna Henderson

Sending out press releases can be a tricky business. Thinking of an eye-catching story headline, a snappy email subject line, researching the story and reaching out to people for quotes can be time-consuming. You send it out to the media in the hopes it will get picked up, and even then it’s still not guaranteed. […]

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