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5 must have pr Tools
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5 Must Have PR Tools

By Jack Murray

Whether your working as part of a larger team or solo, these are 5 must have PR tools for any PR pro. From the basics of creating a press release to social media monitoring of your PR campaigns, we have some of the top PR tools that every communications professional should include in their arsenal. […]

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PR Tools

How to plan and execute a successful social media campaign

By Mary Mtabali

It’s a common mistake for brands and other businesses to think that executing a social media campaign is going to be easy. After all, there are loads of teenagers going viral on social media, so how hard can it really be? However, building a social media campaign is more challenging than the existence of teenage […]

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How to be an independent freelance PR pro

By Ruan Gormley

At MediaHQ, we know all about the PR industry. PR professionals need to be media savvy, creative, people people. They are responsible for raising a company’s positive media coverage, building relationships with key people and managing a company’s reputation by actively counteracting any negative publicity that could damage their name. They are in charge of […]

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PR Tools

5 social media apps your company should be using

By Cathal McCabe

In the era of more traditional media platforms, the same brands remained dominant for decades, if not centuries. For example, The Times was established in 1785 and the BBC was founded in 1922, both of which remain behemoths of the media landscape to this day. However, in the new age of social media the popularity […]

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Social Media FOMO

Creating a Social Media schedule that works for you

By Áine Lawless

Trying to figure out what to post on social media and when can be a challenge for even the most experienced of communications professionals. Every company and account will have different needs when it comes to online interaction. At the end of the day there really aren’t any hard and fast rules that will make […]

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