Why Media Relations will help you succeed


For most businesses, the importance of media relations and its counterpart public relations is often forgotten. When budgets are tight media relations is often the first thing to be bumped. It is viewed as a ‘nice to have’ rather than a ‘must-have’. This should not be the case.    When executed correctly media relations is […]

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Are Your Media Lists Out Of Date and Bouncing? Here’s What To Do.


It’s a hectic Friday afternoon, you have that all-important press release to send out to journalists. You probably have a selection of media lists that you have meticulously built from scratch. If you’ve been really good over time, you may have edited them from time to time! When you heard an update two months ago […]

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Hiring a PR Agency Vs In-House PR


As is the case with most things in life, both PR agencies and in-house PR come with some positives and negatives.  We have decided to take a look at both PR methods to show you the pros and cons of each.  In-house Positives Focus  Probably the main advantage of having an internal PR department is […]

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The Simple Guide for PR Teams to Remotely Manage Media Relations


The simple guide for PR Teams to remotely manage media relations Introduction Everyday we help organisations and brands to manage their media relations function through the MediaHQ PR software. We are about to enter a phase where working virtually could become the norm for a few weeks at least. With that in mind, we wanted […]

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Top Ten UK Newspaper Publications


Get Full Access to all these publications plus 10,000 more with MediaHQ. More than just a media contacts database. Find journalists, build lists and make the news. Request a demo As people throughout the UK continue to find alternative sources to consume news, newspaper circulation has fallen across the board.

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7 ways to transform your PR in 2020


It’s a new year. The early days of January are a hopeful time to look at how your organisation can achieve better results in 2020. Here are seven ways to transform your PR in 2020: 1. Focus on a few things and set objectives You don’t have to do everything. Set measurable objectives that deliver […]

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PR Tactic In Focus: News Hijacking


A news story breaks that’s linked to your cause. How are you going to make the most of this opportunity, and fast? At MediaHQ, we know just how manic the public relations world can be. PR pros are constantly trying to find creative ways to promote products and generate a positive public perception of their […]

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things to consider press release

The five minutes it takes to read this will improve your press releases ideas forever


I know you’re busy, so I’ll be very brief. Most press releases fail because they are based on terrible ideas, which are poorly executed. There are two parts to that equation. Idea generation is first and execution is second. In this post I will share the best tips  to simply–and forever–improve the quality of the […]

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Media Intelligence: Maximise ROI with 7 Key Tips


Nowadays, PR experts are expected to generate higher return on investment (ROI). However, more often than not, media intelligence around measurement of success in a PR campaign can be tricky. This is because PR may be only one of several communications activities contributing to brand perceptions. The creativity and cleverness behind every PR campaign comes at […]

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