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How to devise a story strategy for an in-house PR team

By Ciara Byrne

Table of contents: Introduction The six-step Magic Slice process Finding the right media contacts to connect with your audience How to control your own narrative Conclusion Points to ponder   Introduction Devising an all-encompassing strategic direction for your brand provides a reference point for every story that is sent to the media. It is essential […]

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How to effectively manage your remote PR
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How to Effectively Manage your Remote PR

By Ciara Byrne

In this article we will look at: What is Remote PR? The Key Ingredients for positive Remote PR How to build a positive culture to enable Remote PR Important Tools for Remote PR  How to manage time your time doing Remote PR Benefits of Remote PR Drawbacks of Remote PR Checklist for Great Remote PR […]

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PR Tactic How to negotiate an exclusive with a journalist(3)
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How to Effectively Distribute Press Releases

By Ciara Byrne

How do you effectively Distribute Press Releases? Read our simple guide on how to distribute press releases that make a difference below. We’ve been working with companies for over 17 years, helping them build media lists, write press releases and develop the right strategy for sending their stories. In that time we have gained significant […]

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How to Use a News Diary Effectively

By Anna Henderson

Here at, our press release distribution platform contains a News Diary feature that is available to our customers. The News Diary is a calendar that is packed full of significant events and occasions, as well as some weird and wonderful days that are compiled by our in-house research team.   The calendar view can […]

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10 Questions to Ensure Your Media Contacts Database is Fit for Purpose

By Jack Murray

A media contacts database is a directory of media contacts. This can include contact information for people working in the media industry including journalists, producers, researchers, editors and influencers. The database allows communication professionals to search through it and find people they want to contact to pitch a story to.   For companies looking to […]

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