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7 bad habits all PR pros need to drop in 2019

By Mary Mtabali

Whether it’s biting your fingernails, spending too much time on social media, overspending, talking with your mouth full, procrastinating or stereotyping, let’s face it: we all have a bad habit or two we could all drop in our everyday lives. The world of public relations is no different – there are bad habits lurking around […]

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Press Release

How to write a press release – MediaHQ eBook

By Anna Henderson

When carrying out Media Relations, press releases are still one of the main ways the media generate news. As a Communications/PR Pro your objective is to get your message to appear in the media unchanged. For this to happen, your press release must read the same way as a news story. It might seem obvious, but […]

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3 charities with in-house PR teams we’re loving

By Anna Henderson

With Valentine’s fast approaching, we want to share the love. There are thousands of charities across the nation, all doing incredible work to better the lives of others in their own individual way. Due to the nature of our software, the team here at MediaHQ are lucky enough to witness the brilliant charities in action […]

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3 steps to improve brand awareness

By Kate Ryan

ChapStick, Hoover, JetSki, Speedo, Aspirin, Kleenex. These are all examples of brands that own the market. Due to the popularity of these proprietary labels, they have become the generic name used synonymously with a general class product. These companies have invested time and effort into their branding strategies making them top of the market. Not […]

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