press release

How to write a press release for your next event


The main purpose of an event press release is to generate buzz and excitement  and for it to be well attended by your target audience. However, it can be tricky to make your press release shine and grab the attention of journalists in an age of information overload and the fast paced nature of social […]

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PR Spring Clean

3 tips to give your PR tactics a spring clean


The winter clouds have parted, the sun has started reappearing again, daffodils are in full bloom and the breeze is crisp. This can only mean one thing, spring has officially sprung. This brighter change in season can be really motivating, making it the perfect time of year to get organising and decluttering especially when it […]

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press release

Does your Press Release Pass the 5 Second Skim Test?


In the ever evolving era of social media we all know the importance and power of using the internet to communicate an idea. Whether you’re a butcher, a baker or a candlestick maker the vast majority of us hold the potential to turn thought into enterprise within just a few clicks. The downfall however, is […]

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Negative press

How to deal with negative press coverage


With so much emphasis now placed on social media and digital marketing, sometimes things can go askew. Someday you, your organisation or both may find themselves attacked from all sides by negative public attention. Whether it’s an ill-timed tweet or negative feedback from customers, the way you handle a negative story can make all the difference.  Here are our […]

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Press Release

Is your press release dead? Here’s how to give it CPR


You gave it your all. You wrote an ‘impressive’ press release in inverted pyramid style. You included ‘fantastic’ quotes and key information. You couldn’t have done a better job, you think – but the press release was still dead.  It happens. Getting a press release out in the wild isn’t easy, because there’s so much […]

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targeted media lists

How to build targeted media lists


Are you sending out your press releases to the same list of hundreds of contacts that you’ve kept for years? Are you getting a huge bounce rate every time you send out a press release? Chances are the majority of those contacts are no longer working in the same job, are completely irrelevant to your […]

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mediahq lists

How to get the most out of your MediaHQ system


Using MediaHQ should make your press and communications efforts a lot more simple. To optimise your account and ensure you are having the best possible experience of MediaHQ we recommend following the tips outlined below:   Browser If you are experiencing difficulties accessing MediaHQ or specific features here are some things to note: Internet Explorer […]

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5 Irish journalists who have made it abroad


From London to Sydney and everywhere in between, the Irish diaspora is one that is found worldwide. This list of notable journalists who set off on pursuing a successful career for themselves has proved us here at home proud to be Irish. They have helped us gain an insight into their experiences in the journalistic […]

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We’re Hiring a Researcher

12.03.19 is trusted by thousands of communication and PR professionals to provide up-to-date media contacts, to get their story to the right person first time every time. We’re looking for a researcher to join our diverse team. Someone who is passionate about staying ahead of the game, interested in the media industry and an enthusiastic self-motivator. […]

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