May’s Most Read Blog Posts

By admin

Here at MediaHQ we always find interest in which blog posts are the most sought-after by our readers. After the busy month of May, here is a list of our most popular reads. 5 journalists making it big in Europe With European Parliament elections just around the corner, Brexit hot on our heels and migration […]

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Top 5 human rights journalists

By admin

Here at MediaHQ we believe in using our voice to improve things. We decided to take a look at some journalists who use their voices to bring awareness to issues for the benefit of others. Here are five journalists who are paving the way in highlighting the struggle for millions of peoples’ human rights. Una […]

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PR Events

One year on: How MediaHQ keeps you GDPR compliant

By Barbara Ross

It’s been a whole year since the scary, new GDPR regulation came into effect. People panicked, they were confused and some are still unsure if they are doing it right. Here at MediaHQ, we prepared for the incoming data protection chaos and launched some new features to ensure that we and our clients remained GDPR […]

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Famous authors who were also journalists

By Fionn Warren

Sunday is World Dracula Day which commemorates the publication of Bram Stoker’s Dracula on May 26, 1897. This year marks the horror novel’s 120th anniversary. While best known for introducing the world to Count Dracula, Stoker was not just a fiction writer but also a keen journalist. To celebrate the anniversary of Stoker’s Dracula, we’ve […]

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press release

5 Ways to ‘Spice Up’ your press release

By Niamh Dunne

Everyone is always looking to have their press release to be the best. With journalists getting inundated with a countless number of press releases, you want to ensure yours is the one they pick. But don’t fret, here at MediaHQ we have come up with five ways to ‘spice up’ your press release and stand […]

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Top 3 journalists who covered the repeal campaign

By Kate Ryan

It’s hard to believe it’s been a full year since one of the most controversial referendums in Irish history that split the country into two deeply separate sides of the argument. Repealing the 8th amendment was a huge turning point in our society which many journalists had the opportunity and privilege to cover. Below are […]

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