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PR Tactic How do I send a press release
Media Relations 4 Minute Read

7 top tips for editing your press release

By Jack Murray

Press releases need more editing than most written pieces in order for them to be clear and effective.  With this in mind here are 7 top tips for editing your press release.   The most important part of writing anything is the editing process and this includes your press releases. You can put hundreds of […]

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Top ten Irish Newspaper Publications

By Jack Murray

Get Full Access to all these publications plus 10,000 more with MediaHQ. More than just a media contacts database. Find journalists, build lists and make the news. Request a demo Despite circulation being down across the board for Irish newspapers, the medium remains a vital news source for many people across the country. Thousands of […]

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MediaHQ eBook

Top 10 tips for great PR teams – MediaHQ eBook

By Anna Henderson

We know that PR and Communications teams are busy people. Balancing client work, events, managing media relations and your public image is no easy feat. Ireland’s best PR teams use MediaHQ every day to make the news. We want to share what makes their PR and media relations efforts so successful and how they get […]

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