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A live streaming guide for PR pros

A live streaming guide for PR pros

Here's our live streaming guide to help you communicate your brand in a new and engaging way

  Live events like sports games, concerts and plays are as popular as ever. They are engaging, exciting, captivating and often attract large audiences. For years, television stations have taken advantage of the excitement of live events to attract viewers. More recently, cinemas have cashed in by broadcasting live music, theatre, opera and sports straight to the big screen. Now the time has arrived for marketeers and PR pros to jump on the band wagon and captivate their audiences with live content. The development of live online video streaming apps like Twitter's Periscope, Facebook Live and Snapchat means organisations can easily share live events as they happen. Some well-known brands like Benefit, BMW and Red Bull have been quick to add the new technology to its PR and marketing tool belts. But because it's inexpensive, big businesses, small businesses and even non-profit organisations can make the most of it. All you need is an iOS or Android device. Here's a live streaming guide to show smart PR professionals a couple of ways they can use this emerging platform to promote their brand.

Stream live events

Whether your company is hosting a product launch or a PR event to make an impression on the media, you should live stream it. You probably spent weeks - or maybe even months - making the arrangements for your organisation's event, so you may as well make the most of it and broadcast it to as many people as possible. Stream the unveiling of your latest collection. Stream the speeches made by your company's CEO. Stream the reactions of attendees before and after. Stream discussions with key people from your organisation. This is all unique, exciting and engaging content for your fans to watch. And after putting in the effort to organise an event like this, live streaming it will be a piece of cake. Last year Red Bull live streamed it's Guest House event on Periscope. This was an exclusive pool party in Miami and tickets could only be won through Red Bull. It used the technology to promote the brand and strengthen its image as a cool brand for young people. The excitement surrounding the stream was probably helped by the fact that it featured famous musicians, like Lil Wayne.

Share behind the scenes insights

People love to see snapshots of what goes on behind the scenes at their favourite companies. Sharing an interesting glimpse of what staff get up to humanises a brand and really engages with customers. Behind the scenes footage is also quite hard to come across and the sense that it is exclusive content that can't be seen elsewhere will give fans a reason to follow your social media accounts. A live stream video doesn't need to be long. A short and snappy ten minute piece is plenty, just make sure to build up to the live event by publicising it on social media. You can live stream any interesting or unusual behind the scenes action. If you're working on a play, a film or even a television advertisement, live stream some rehearsals and preparations. Show fans a look at the set or the hair and make up trailer. If you work in a factory, live stream some of the production process. If you're an artist, live stream yourself in action. Live stream unusual staff events or activities. If someone famous is coming into the office, feature them. And if your idea for a live stream video doesn't quite make the cut, you can also turn it into a post for Facebook or Instagram. American discount retailer, Target, sponsored a live music video for television earlier this year. the video featured Gwen Stefani, so it got a lot of attention. But what the brand really benefited from was it's live streaming of behind the scenes footage across all its social media pages.

Stream demos and tutorials

Live streaming demonstrations and tutorials is a really great way to engage with people who are interested in your products. You can show them new and innovative ways to use your products. Apps like Facebook Live also allow you to interact with the audience. Viewers can give feedback or you can conduct Q&A sessions with them. Make-up brand Benefit has been been boosting its brand on Facebook Live by streaming make-up tutorials. Tipsy Tricks is one of these tutorials. It streams live from San Francisco every Thursday and gets tens of thousands of views. The host chats with different people while sipping on wine, which fits well with the brands playful image. Closer to home, Joe Media use Facebook Live to air Football Friday Live. The show features a panel discussion about the English Premier League and encourages audience engagement. So far it's proving popular. MediaHQ is Ireland's leading media intelligence agency. If you need help making your PR strategy more engaging, our training courses can help you. We have helped some of Ireland’s top organisations with everything from brand storytelling and content, to SEO and social media marketing. We will design an innovative course just for you and your team, find out more here.